Gary Johnson Is Running For President

Johnson made his decision official yesterday:
Calling for a "reassessment of American government," former New Mexico Gov. Gary Johnson (R) launched his 2012 bid for president Thursday on the steps of the New Hampshire state capitol.

In an email to supporters sent as he officially announced his campaign, the libertarian-leaning former governor promised to "passionately" seek the GOP nomination, expressing confidence that his record of fighting for smaller government in his home state will resonate with voters.

"The fact is that many Republicans like to talk about smaller government, but my record is unique in this regard," Johnson wrote. "I had to veto over 750 bills in my quest to limit the growth of government, and many of those vetoes were of bills that were Republican-sponsored. It isn't always easy to go against your own party, but I felt that my primary duty was to the hard-working, taxpaying people of New Mexico."

Johnson has focused his message heavily on the need to get the nation's deficit under control, telling supporters Thursday, "We can’t afford to simply kick the can down the road for another four or eight years."

The greatest impediment to a Johnson bid gaining some traction among the GOP's libertarian faction could be Rep. Ron Paul (Texas). The two share a similar base of support, and if Paul officially gets in the 2012 race, the Texas Republican would likely overshadow Johnson.
...and yet a Johnson/Paul or Paul/Johnson ticket could really shake things up in the Republican primary.

T'will be interesting to watch Johnson's campaign in the next few months.