Katie Couric Leaving CBS Evening News

Not surprising news:
It’s been rumored for weeks, but a CBS Evening News official is now (anonymously) confirming that Katie Couric is leaving her anchor post. Couric, 54, the first woman in US history to be sole anchor of a daily network news program, plans to start a syndicated talk show some time next year. Couric moved from NBC’s Today show to began as CBS anchor in 2006 with major hoopla. But much of her first curious audience drifted away and CBS was stuck in third place behind NBC’s Nightly News with Brian Williams and ABC’s World News with Diane Sawyer. Couric’s current contract is up June 4, but it’s not yet clear when she will step down, reports AP.
I think that Couric did a fine job as the face of Evening News. Her non-success is unfortunate, as I think that she is a very strong interviewer.

My guess is that Sarah Palin is cheering right now...

Head nod: Joe Gandelman at TMV

Photo: CBS News