Newt Gingrich: Obama Has "Never Yet Become President"

Gingrich appears to be in full-on campaign mode:
Former U.S. House speaker Newt Gingrich told a small group of Republicans in Manchester last night he is "calmly confident" he can win his party's nomination and the White House.

Gingrich cast the 2012 election as a decisive moment in the nation's history, saying voters would decide between a socialist welfare agenda and a message of American exceptionalism, economic growth and national security. He described President Obama as a "perfectly fine, extraordinarily brilliant, sadly shallow, left-wing activist who has never yet become president."

"He's the only permanent candidate we've ever had in the White House," Gingrich said to applause from his audience of about 30 last night at a fundraiser for the state Republican committee.

Gingrich said he will decide whether to officially declare his candidacy by early May, and he appealed to the evening's guests to demonstrate their support. Gingrich said he will never match the personal wealth of potential Republican rivals like Donald Trump, Mitt Romney and John Huntsman, and so is assessing his fundraising potential through donations to his exploratory website.

"We're trying to figure out, can we raise enough money to be competitive?" he said.
My emphasis.

There are several ways to interpret that 'never yet become president' remark. Given Newt's past comments that the President is a "Kenyan anti-colonialist", it appears that the former speaker could be trying to de-legitimatize Barack Obama. As many have tried to do, the goal is to make the President seem unAmerican.

If that is what Gingrich is going for, it's a risky strategy as it doesn't appear to be working too well for others.

Photo: Getty Images