Ron Paul Is Once Again Testing The Waters

...for a potential 2012 Presidential campaign:
Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas) has taken a step toward running for president in 2012, forming a fundraising account that allows him to test the waters for donor support.

Paul's political aide Jesse Benton confirmed Thursday that a so-called "testing the waters" account has been created for the potential candidate.

The organization is not a full exploratory committee, but money from the account could be transferred into a campaign war chest should Paul officially choose to enter the fray.
He will lose, of course, but I think that candidates like Dr. Paul are good for the overall conversation. When other candidates want to talk about cutting spending, Paul asks, "How?" When other candidates talk about reducing the size and scope of government, Paul asks, "How?"

In short, Ron Paul -- and others like him -- keep the GOP candidates (somewhat) honest.

Head nod: GOP12

Photo: AP