Trump: Why Does Everyone Want To Talk About The Birthers?

The Donald wants to know why people keep asking him about the birth certificate issue and not OPEC or jobs.

Really Donald?

If you don't want people at CNN (or Fox, MSNBC and elsewhere) to ask you about the birther issue, maybe you should just admit that you've hopped on that bandwagon simply to be edgy.

If you came out of the proverbial gate talking about fiscal policy and job creation, media outlets might want to interview you. But, by talking about a fringe issue that makes Orly Taitz warm, you are participating in a freak show that will get you nothing but freakshow supporters (I'm looking at you Joseph Farah).

Like the snarky anchors on CNN said, as soon as you drop the birther routine, people will stop asking you questions about it Donald.

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