The Burden Of Proof Lies With Bin Laden #OBL

...presumably, at the bottom of the ocean somewhere. Dan Amira raises a good point:
The Wall Street Journal reports today that "many Pakistanis, Afghans and Arabs refus[e] to believe U.S. assurances that al Qaeda's founder is actually dead," an unnamed official tells ABC that "[t]he only skeptics are extremists and they wouldn't be convinced by a photograph anyway."


[I]nstead of shouldering the risks of trying to prove that bin Laden is dead, the White House should shift the burden of proof to bin Laden. Presumably, if bin Laden was still alive, he'd want everyone to know. So let him proclaim his continued existence to the world. Bin Laden has had no trouble getting his messages out to the Arab media in the past. Surely one of his wives could grab a Flipcam and film him holding the day's newspaper and reciting the score of a recent NBA playoff game. And when bin Laden never releases that tape, when months and years pass without a peep from bin Laden (saying something about contemporaneous events, at least — intelligence officials expect an old recording to surface soon), skeptics will gradually come to accept that it's because he's rotting at the bottom of the ocean.
What do you think about the potential release of photographs of Osama bin Laden?

Photo: AFP/Getty Images