Meghan McCain Responds To Glenn Beck

NOTE: this entry was originally posted on May 12th, prior to Blogger's meltdown.

Classy. Meghan McCain's even-keeled response:
A few months ago, I filmed a PSA for skin cancer awareness where I posed in a strapless Juicy dress to appear “naked,” as a metaphor for the dangers of going out in the sun without sunscreen. I thought that pretending to be naked (even if I only disrobed to my collar bone) would hopefully call attention to skin cancer, a disease that both my parents have suffered from.


But the thing is, Glenn, I wasn’t really naked and I know the idea of me being naked caused you to vomit on your radio show for 10 minutes. You suggested I should wear a burqa, since you believe that's probably the only clothing that could possibly fit me.


You’re a full-grown man with teenage daughters who are probably dealing with the sexist, body-obsessed media environment that is difficult for all women. Is this really the legacy you want to be leaving for yourself?

As a person who is known for his hot body, you must find it easy to judge the weight fluctuations of others, especially young women. If any of your daughters are ever faced with some kind of criticism of their physical appearance or weight, they should call me, because women’s body image is another issue I feel passionate about, and have become accustomed to dealing with and speaking with young women about on my college tours.
Say what you will about Miss McCain, I think that she handled this well. She chose not to stoop to his level.

Glenn Beck is a dick. Period.

If you don't like Meghan McCain's politics, fine. If you don't like what she has to say, fine. But to go after her appearance when -- as McCain points out -- you've got teenage daughters yourself... that's low man.

I've got a 4-year-old daughter and I am going to do my damnedest to make sure that she feels good about who she is. To make fun of another woman's appearance is the antithesis of that.