Not So Fringe Anymore

Photo courtesy of my e-mail from Ron Paul and The Drudge Report

Despite his sometimes radical ideals that don't sit well with most people, it appears that Ron Paul has a lot of steam in his rEVOLution movement. Although I didn't get the chance to watch the debate last night, yet. I hear that Ron Paul was extremely strong. He also raised over $1 million yesterday as well in one of his traditional money bombs.

According to a recent CNN Poll, Ron Paul places 10% of likely voters for their support which is only 6 points behind the leader. If you remember in 2007 when the campaigns were heating up he was no where near the leader.

Keep an eye out for this guy. He may shock a few people down the road. I don't think he'll win the nomination, but he's going to be more dominating this year as opposed to four years ago.

Help us Obi-Paul Kenobi. You're our only hope.