Sarah Palin Is Hard To Pin-Down

It looks like someone in the Palin camp is running a fairly tight ship:
Sarah Palin pulled a clever bait and switch on reporters in Gettysburg on Tuesday, as her "One Nation" bus tour rolls into its third day.

The Palin family and a few members of her staff snuck out of their hotel early, leaving their flashy bus behind in the hotel parking lot to give reporters chasing her the impression that she was still readying for the day.

As members of Palin's advance staff began to roll out luggage to the bus on Tuesday morning, a crush of media and tourists gathered to meet the potential presidential candidate on her way out of the hotel.

But CNN was soon tipped off that Palin was long gone, off to visit the Civil War battlefields and onward toward Philadelphia.
Good for them.

I may not agree with much anything that Palin says or does, but she and her family are entitled to their privacy.

Although, one could argue that this "One Nation" bus tour is nothing more than a publicity stunt to garner more media attention...