Wouldn't It Be Interesting

Photo: AP / Charlie Neibergall

If Ron Paul became President? Now I'm not saying he'd be able to beat the monstrosity that is Obama's campaign. I'm also not saying he'd be able to get the Republican nomination, but think about it for a second. We've all had a favorite candidate that we thought would do tremendous things to steer our country in the right direction and it always seems that they let us down.

Now I'm sure the vast majority of those politicians were throwing up smoke and mirrors trying to do anything to get elected, but I'm sure there is a small percentage that actually meant what they said and were unable to keep their promise. Like I honestly believe that President Obama wanted to close down GITMO, Cuba within his first year of presidency. What happened? What kind of pressures was he faced with?

Now flash forward to a fictitious future where Ron Paul is elected President. This man who has had the same policies for 35+ years and whether you agree with me, or John McCain or not, is one of the most honest men in politics for the last three and a half decades. He has some very strong stances in non-interventionism and currency policy.

What happens when Iran attacks Israel? It doesn't interfere with our immediate national security. What would a President Paul do? Would he stick to his guns and give the Israelis advice, but ultimately stand down or would he be overwhelmed with the tremendous pressure from the world to actually step back from his promises and defend Israel?

Don't like that scenario? How about if North Korea invaded South Korea? Would he pre-emptively nullify the 1953 Mutual Defense Treaty with the South? Or any of the other mutual defense treaties we have signed just so we wouldn't intervene in something that doesn't directly harm us?

Not looking at the bigger picture of how the world would view us if these were the cases. How would Americans view that type of stance? What if this newfound tough love approach to foreign policy actually improved our country? Would Americans be upset still? Would Americans rejoice? Would this be an evolution in the way we conduct our politics for the next five decades?

One final scenario. What would Ron Paul do if he was given the intelligence about Osama Bin Laden that Obama did. We've already seen his opinion that he wanted Bin Laden to stand trial, but would he even have gone in? Invaded another countries sovereignty for the chance of justice? Would he have been in talks with the Pakistani government to work together to bring this man to justice?

My point is that everyone has great intentions. Even men who have had great intentions for four decades, but the game changes when you have the weight of the entire world on your shoulders. The truth is, we are the beacon of light for everyone in this world whether we like it or acknowledge it. The world needs us just as much as we need them.

Wouldn't it be interesting though?