Al Franken: 'Obama May Not Be President In Two Years'

According to Mr. Saturday Night (Live), the President's days in the Oval Office may be numbered:
Things might not be looking so good for President Obama in 2012, according to one of Washington's most liberal lawmakers. Senator Al Franken D-Minn., forecast a potentially gloomy outcome for his party's first-term president during a hearing about FBI director Robert Mueller, and the former comedian wasn't kidding.

"I should note, President Obama could nominate a new director that would be there for ten years," Franken explained. "In two years, he may not be the President. So I think that bears just a mention."

The 2012 presidential field is still forming and President Obama has not started a full campaign schedule. But with Obama's latest approval rating at 47 percent in a nationwide Gallup poll Franken's comments could show the president does not have the full confidence of all Democrats in Congress when it comes to winning a second term.
He's right. If the GOP can get a nominee that stands a chance against President Obama.

But that hasn't happened yet.

Photo: Ben Garvin for The New York Times