Apologies For My Absence

So, I've been on something of a stay-cation since Wednesday. I plum forgot to mention this on the blog, and in turn have gotten several e-mails from concerned readers.

Concerned Readers,

Thank you for your concern. While I am on my stay-cation, there will be a lull in posts that are authored by Yours Truly. If any of the other contributors are moved by the Spirit, then you might see some content here.

My brother and sister(-in-law) are visiting from Texas and I'm spending as much time with them as possible.

As if this didn't make my stay-cation busy enough, later today I will be packing up the family and heading out to go camping. A couple of months ago, a college buddy of mine decided that it was high time that we got the 'ol crew back together again -- this time with families in tow. So, we are all headed up into the mountains of the northern tier of Pennsylvania for a weekend of campfires, s'mores and... more than likely, a rousing beer pong tournament.


I'm not sure when I'll be back on-line, but it likely won't be until Tuesday or Wednesday next week. I'll be sure to post any G-rated pictures that I have... if there are any G-rated pictures.