Bush Is Back? No that's Rick Perry...'s good to be back writing about all good things Republican. And I'm glad my pal George W Bush is running for President again. Wait...that's not GWB? It looks like him. Talks like him. Says "texasisms" like him. But that's not him? Tell that to the independents who had disdain for Bush when he left office and who, while not like the Obama failed Presidency...will be reluctant to elect someone who sounds, walks, talks like a guy they just voted out 4 years ago.

Rick Perry has a lot going for him. He's charismatic. His state is creating jobs like WHOA! But then's the same reason that Jeb Bush (who was an EXCELLENT Governor and is a great politician) isn't running in 2012. He has an association with George W Bush...whom the public did not have much love for in 2008.

Looking back...I think the public is realizing that GWB is not as bad as this current leader...but it's still not enough support to make the public want another Texan or Cowboy. Personally...I love Texas and the Cowboy way of life...but GWB emphasized that personality a LOT when President...and it's going to hurt Rick Perry in the long run.

My money is STILL on Romney to get this nomination.'s 2008 all over again. Rush/Hannity/Levin/Beck hate this Romney guy much like they hated McCain (which is ironic because I thought in 2008 they were all in the Romney camp...but that's another story). So it's going to come down to Bachmann (the Huckabee of 2012) and Romney (the McCain of 2008) and they're going to go to South Carolina and Bachmann will lose and she'll drop out of the race and Romney will get the nomination.

By the way...what's up with Huntsman not wanting to compete in NH or Iowa and wait till Florida.'s been done before. And Rudy L-O-S-T majorly and his campaign was O-V-E-R.

I just donated $20.12 to the Romney campaign...GAME ON!

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