Chris Christie's Helicopter Ride (UPDATED)

[bumped -- update below]

This is the type of thing that tells me that Christie may not yet be ready for a Presidential run:
TRENTON — Gov. Chris Christie arrived at his son's baseball game this afternoon aboard a State Police helicopter.

Right before the lineup cards were being exchanged on the field, a noise from above distracted the spectators as the 55-foot long helicopter buzzed over trees in left field, circled the outfield and landed in an adjacent football field. Christie disembarked from the helicopter and got into a black car with tinted windows that drove him about a 100 yards to the baseball field.

During the 5th inning, Christie and First Lady Mary Pat Christie got into the car, rode back to the helicopter and left the game. During a pitching change, play was stopped for a couple of minutes while the helicopter took off.
Now, Christie -- to his credit -- is unapologetic about stuff like this. After all, he's the Governor and wants to see his son play ball.

But, it's not a question of whether this was 'right' or 'wrong'. Rather, it is a question of perception.

Head nod: Stan

UPDATE: the flight did not cost New Jersey taxpayers anything.

Photo: Karyn Ochiuzzo/Star-Ledger