Cutting Off Weiner

Gah. What a terrible pun. I'm so sorry.

Anyway, much of what I'm reading about Congressman Anthony Weiner is that he has 'dug in' and has no plans to resign from his elected position.

However, Nate Silver highlights the idea that New York Democrats might simply cut Congressman Weiner's district altogether:
There is much speculation about whether Representative Anthony D. Weiner will remain in Congress or resign his seat. But there is a politically expedient solution for Democrats if they want to show him the door: Neuter his district in the redistricting process, which will require New York to lose 2 of its 29 seats in the House of Representatives.

No discussion of redistricting is simple, especially in New York, so some background is in order.

Mr. Weiner’s seat, the 9th Congressional District, is the second most conservative in New York City, after the 13th (Staten Island and part of Brooklyn). Conservative, of course, has a relative meaning in the context of New York — the 9th District remains Democratic-leaning — but it has become much more competitive than might have been expected.
My emphasis.

Gee Nate, I can't imagine why Congressman Weiner's district has become much more competitive...

Ugh. I feel like I need to take a shower after stooping to posting that picture.

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