Is Tim Pawlenty Too 'Vanilla'?

Andrew Sullivan points to why Tim Pawlenty will never be President: he can't tell a joke.

Bill O'Reilly thinks that Pawlenty is 'too vanilla'.

While I see Sullivan's (and O'Reilly's) point -- that joke fell so flat he should have had a spare -- I do not think that Pawlenty's 'vanilla-ism' will hurt him that badly.

Sure, we Americans love it when our politicians are funny. It makes them seem more human and less stuffy. But, what is it that politicians do? After all, the business of running our government is full of wonky political jargon.

A day in the Oval Office, or the well of the House of Representatives is not exactly an evening at Caroline's.

If Pawlenty does not win the hearts and minds of the Republican party, it won't be that his jokes fell flat. That may be a part of the equation, but not the sole reason that voters don't support him.

BUT, if Pawlenty does win the GOP nomination, it will not be for his mirth-inducing banter with Fox News pundits.