Mike Huckabee: "I Haven't Closed Doors" To Running In 2012

Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee says his exit from the 2012 Republican presidential race is not etched in stone.

Appearing today as a guest of the Clinton School of Public Service, the surprise 2008 GOP presidential contender said he did not slam the door shut to running next year when he announced two weeks ago that he had decided against throwing his hat into the ring.

“Everything is still open. I haven’t closed doors. I found long ago that that’s not the smart thing to do,” Huckabee told reporters after a speech at the Clinton presidential library.

But Huckabee acknowledged several factors prompted him to bow out of the 2012 GOP race, not the least of which he said was the difficulty he sees in defeating Democratic President Barack Obama.

He said the key for Republicans next year will be to focus on Obama and not engage in a bruising primary that would leave the eventual GOP nominee badly damaged going into the general election.
My emphasis.

"Everything is still open. I haven't closed doors." Except that, you did Mike. You totally did.

My hunch is that, like Sarah Palin, Huckabee is still flirting with the notion (or at least giving the appearance of flirting with the notion) of running in 2012 to simply remain relevant.

He just wants to be something of a king-maker. Or increase the ratings for his Fox News Channel show.

Photo: Jim Young/Reuters