Mitt Romney Is The New Ronald Reagan

A failed presidency. Rising gas prices. Sky high unemployment. Liberal socialist policies. This is what cost Jimmy Carter re-election, and it will do the same for Barack Obama.

It's a shame really -- he had so much hope behind him. But, I guess you need more than catchphrases to be a good President. Sure, Barack Obama is going to use the "I inherited" a lot in 2012, but the American people are NOT going to buy it and it will be a curtain call on our nation's first black President.

So... who will take his place?

The obvious choice is Mitt Romney. Not only is it "his turn" -- which the GOP is famous for selecting -- but he's a billionaire businessman who was a successful governor of a blue blue state, and who can appeal to the independents.

[see my previous column on why Mitt is the choice]

But why would I be so bold as to say he's the next Ronald Reagan? Look at these similarities:
  • Replace a failed liberal President who obviously was not ready to be President.
  • Governor of a bluer than blue state. (Reagan/California...Romney/Mass)
  • Was pro-choice at one his point in his career (Reagan was a pro-choice Governor and switched before becoming President...Romney the same).
Reagan re-defined what conservatism is. Current conservative "leaders" claim Reagan was the greatest conservative to ever live. Mitt Romney will re-define what conservatism is 30 years later.

The Republican party of today is different than the party of the 1980s. Will current Republicans care about gay marriage? Will they be deficit hawks? Will they continue to cut taxes? Will they eliminate Medicare? Either way, Romney is a solid communicator, a hugely successful businessman, very Presidential looking and sounding, and he has the chance to open the proverbial "big tent" back up.

If Romney survives the primaries (which I think he is a solid win in most of the primary states), he will win a LOT of independents and could landslide against Barack Obama.

Remember, Reagan was only leading Carter by about 3-4 points the week heading into the election -- and look what happened!

At least America only has to put up with this failing administration for 18 more months!

Photo: AP composite