Mr Blogreader...the next President of the United States

It's COMPLETELY obvious who the next President of the United States will be after last night's debate, and his name will NOT be Barack Hussein Obama. Nor will it be Rick Santorum, Newt Gingrich, Herman Cain or Ron Paul (although I freaking love Ron Paul and the guy really does make so much sense doesnt he?)

Michelle Bachmann: she has a chance. I think it's a very slim chance, but if she can win the Iowa Caucus and head into New Hampshire as the 2nd place winner, and then head to South Carolina, she and Mitt Romney will have a battle for sure. She's not my top candidate, nor is she someone who excites me as someone who can beat Barack Obama but I can see where the right-wing of my party likes her.

Tim Pawlenty - VERY SOLID runner up. You know, I've had some Democrat friends of mine say that "if your party would nominate Pawlenty I would contemplate voting for him". I dont know if they're being for real or saying that so we nominate Pawlenty and then he gets clobbered. Either way, T-PAW is solid -- agreat record as a Governor in a blue state (his state elected Al Franken) -- but he just doesn't have "IT".

But the next President of the USA does have "it". "IT" is in his freaking name for Pete's sake. MITT ROMNEY has everything the Republicans need to defeat Barack Obama, if they would only get past their blinders on global warming and this myth about healthcare in Massachusettes. Other than that, Romney reminds me of Reagan. A great communicator. A solid business guy (Reagan was spokesperson for GE). Lots of money, a great look, a great track record as Governor in a blue state. Not competing in IOWA is HUGELY smart. Don't let your competitors beat you in the place where you know you're gonna lose. Let Bachmann or Pawlenty win in Iowa, then clean up in New Hampshire and have the momentum going into South Carolina where you came pretty close last time.

I think despite the media attempt to say there are no good Republicans running for President, we have some very solid candidates. This is the media's way to keep the attention OFF of Barack Obama's FAILED PRESIDENCY and try to convince us that Romney isn't exciting.

EXCITING!? How exciting is 9.1% unemployment? How exciting is 14-20 MILLION unemployed people? How exciting is trillion dollar deficits? How exciting is being involved in five different military efforts.

[Sidenote - MEDIA...WHERE THE HECK ARE YOU ON THIS!? You would've been ALL OVER GWB about this!]

The debate was great. It showed seven very qualified candidates.

Santorum can't win a national election. Neither can Gingrich. Or Cain. Or Paul. Or Palin.

If Rick Perry or John Huntsman get in to shake things up, I think it will be too late. Romney has 1/4 of the support of Republicans already, and he'll continue to gather more as Republicans realize he is the best candidate and best chance of beating the worst President of my lifetime.

Obama has failed. It's time to fire him. Hopefully Mitt Romney is the one to hand him the pink slip.