Newt Gingrich Campaign Staffers Quit En Masse

Hot off of the Inter-tubes:
Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich's top aides have resigned from his presidential campaign, Gingrich spokesman Rick Tyler told the Associated Press.

Tyler said that he stepped down along with Gingrich's campaign manager, Rob Johnson, and senior strategists and aides in important early voting states. Politico reports that consultants Katon Dawson and Craig Schoenfeld are among the resignations.

The resignations reportedly resulted from competing visions for the direction of the Gingrich campaign, which stumbled badly out of the gate.

Unnamed officials told AP that Gingrich was informed in a recent meeting that his entire campaign brain trust was effectively quitting in a meeting. Gingrich indicated in that meeting that he would stay in the race, the officials said.
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