Newt Gingrich's Evangelical Difficulties

Like I said about Chris Christie yesterday, it's not about right versus wrong -- it's all about perception:
"Men are much more willing to cut him some slack than women are," said Southern Baptist ethicist Richard Land, who said he's asked hundreds of Southern Baptists what they think of Gingrich and his past. "I find that women don't trust him and it doesn't help that he's married to the 'other woman."'

Gingrich, who was a Southern Baptist until he joined the Roman Catholic Church in 2009, is married to his third wife, Callista, a lifelong Catholic who sings in the choir at the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception in Washington.

Land, for one, thinks Gingrich needs to give an honest address about his past failings, similar to John F. Kennedy's Houston speech about his Catholic beliefs, or Mitt Romney's 2007 defense of his Mormonism.

"Don't try to explain it," Land said he's advised Gingrich, who he said would think about it. "Just confess it and ask for forgiveness."
Personally, I don't care how many people a candidate has married. Or slept with. Or received oral sex from. All of that has zero bearing on how well said candidate will steer the ship.

What does bother me is when a blow-hard politician acts all high & mighty and criticizes other politicians for their marital indiscretions -- all the while participating in their own martial infidelities.


I don't think that Evangelical voters (or "values voters", or whatever we're calling them these days) will care too much. Newt is already tanking in the polls, largely due to his less-than-stellar campaign kick-off.