Rick Perry: 'People Want Other Republican Options'

Texas Governor Rick Perry hints at throwing his metaphorical hat into the ring:
Texas Gov. Rick Perry, in New York for a speech that’s fueling speculation about a possible run for the White House, said Tuesday that voters seem hungry for more candidates to pick from in the presidential contest.

Perry is still undecided about his own prospects, but the explosion of interest in his potential candidacy has led the Texas governor to conclude that voters want more choices in the still-unsettled field. Perry made the remarks in a Texas Tribune interview hours before he delivers a highly anticipated keynote address at the Manhattan GOP’s annual Lincoln Day Dinner.

“It’s pretty interesting,” Perry said when asked about all the national political stories being written about him. “People would like to have some other options in the race, obviously.”

Perry has sparked a frenzy of speculation since telling reporters at the state Capitol on May 27 that he was “thinking about” running for president. Perry has since told reporters — and he repeated it Tuesday — that he would keep his focus on the ongoing special session before putting any serious thought into it. While some have questioned whether Perry has waited too long to launch a viable campaign, just months away from the first votes being cast in early primary and caucus states, the governor signaled that he would still have time to get in.

“There is some, I guess, drop dead time that you have to be in,” Perry said. “I don’t think it’s (arrived) yet.”
Of course, the conventional wisdom is that, with a relatively weak Republican field, there will be the opportunity for a candidate like Perry (or Huntsman) to jump into the race. I think someone, if not several others will do so.