Sarah Palin Takes A Whack At Mitt Romney

...on the same day that he throws his metaphorical hat into the 2012 ring:
In remarks made at Bunker Hill in Massachusetts -- of all places -- Sarah Palin fired a shot at Mitt Romney over the health-care mandate that Romney signed into law in the state in 2006.
The remarks came just before Romney formally announces his presidential bid in nearby New Hampshire, which Palin also plans to visit later today.

"In my opinion, any mandate coming from government is not a good thing, so obviously ... there will be more the explanation coming from former governor, Romney, on his support for government mandates," Palin told reporters today.

When a reporter followed up that Romney has distinguished his state mandate from the federal one President Obama signed into law in 2010, Palin responded that even state mandates are problematic.

"He makes a good argument there that it does. States rights and authority and responsibility allowed in our states makes more sense than a big centralized government telling us what to do," she said.

"However, even on a state level and even a local level, mandates coming from a governing body, it's tough for a lot of us independent Americans to accept, because we have great faith in the private sectors and our own families ... and our own businessmen and women making decisions for ourselves. Not any level of government telling us what to do."
My emphases.

A couple of things:

1) You can debate the merits of the health care plan that Romney passed in Massachusetts -- that's fine. But, it is clear to me that on the first count ('more explanation coming'), Mrs. Palin has no idea what the differences between "Romneycare" and "Obamacare" are.

2) Mandates will always come from governmental bodies -- at the federal, state and local level. You'll never escape that, no matter how much you 'have great faith in the private sectors' and your families. That's a pipe-dream. Plain and simple.

It is this dismissal of state and local governments that bothers me the most. Palin is essentially saying that we should follow private sector businesses and families for leadership. Are you kidding me? State and local governments are ideal for "mandates".

Zoning laws, speed limits and other local ordinances are passed for the benefit of the citizenry. And, if the people don't like the law (read: "mandate"), it is far simpler to repeal/amend local laws than those at the federal level.

So, here we are with Sarah Palin who will go so far as to knock local governments to pander to the Tea Party folks. Sad, really.

Photo: Phil Sandlin/AP Photo