Tension Strong Between President And Republican Leaders

So, partisan tension is apparently still pretty high:
Rep. Paul D. Ryan, architect of a Medicare overhaul aimed at slashing the cost of the popular entitlement program by reducing the government's open-ended commitment to seniors, accused Obama of "mis-describing" his plan and implored the president to ease up on the "demagoguery."

In reply, Obama said he was no stranger to cartoonish depictions, reeling off a list of conservatives' favorite attack points: "I'm the death-panel-supporting, socialist, may-not-have-been-born-here president," Obama said, according to people familiar with his remarks.

The meeting was meant to resolve pent-up grievances and move toward compromise on the deficit and the cost of healthcare for seniors. But after 75 minutes of talk in the East Room, the two sides parted company with little progress.

Ground rules had been strict. By mutual agreement, neither side was allowed to bring press aides into the room so as to minimize the post-summit spin.
My emphasis.

I would have loved to be the proverbial fly-on-the-wall for that meeting...