Don't Call It A Comeback

...I've been here for years. Literally.

So, it has been a while since I've been regularly posting. Lots going on in the Pajamaverse (that's Pajama combined with universe... ain't I clever?).

My brother and sister(-in-law) were in town for two weeks, and because they live in Austin, I wanted to get as much time with them as possible.

We had a great visit. Lots of hang-time. Lots of lake time. I wish I had pictures to share. Alas, my kids wanted to do a lot of swimming...

If that weren't enough, June 24th and 25th TPW and I packed up the kids for a reunion with some of my college friends.

We met at a hunting club in the middle of nowhere:

... and had a BLAST. Big ole farmhouse with tons of acreage to run. There was fishing, four-wheeling, and even a little go-kart that The Boy got to cruise around in:

[sorry about the quality -- I can't wait to get my iPhone]

In total, there were eight of us from college, but take into account spouses, significant others and all of our kids and you wound up with a grand total of 20 people hanging out, reminiscing about our 4-to-5 years in college. As a group we decided to make it a regular thing.

After we packed up and went home, my brother and sister(-in-law) were still in town, so we spent some more time hanging out with them and going to the lake.

This past weekend, our family celebrated our nation's birthday by watching fireworks and getting haircuts. Here is The Boy:

Yes. A mohawk. Which, as you may recall, has become something of a summer tradition with my Little Guy...

Last night we went to a relative's house up the road and had good food and watched fireworks. The kids were up waaaay past their bedtime, but we all had a great time.

So, now you are caught up. Thanks for your patience, and extra-special thanks to Fury, Diddy and Vast who filled-in a bit while I was out.

Now: back to your regularly scheduled blogramming...