For The Next Two Weeks...

...blogging will be hit and/or miss for me.

Behemoth University holds an annual Event that takes place the last week in July and the first week in August and hosts approximately 10,000 visitors to campus. And if you are doing the calendar math, that means that said Event starts today and runs through August 5th.

Now, normally I wouldn't get too worried about an Event of this nature and size -- seeing as Behemoth University employs thousands of people. But the thing is... this particular program is being planned and executed by my office. I even have something of a major role to play.

The Event takes place on Monday, Wednesday and Friday each week for the duration of two weeks. This means that if things go smoothly, I'll be able to hop on the Interwebs on Tuesday and Thursday. BUT, things never seem to go as planned, do they?

So, the site may go somewhat dark for the next two weeks -- that is unless one of the other contributors has something to say...

Thanks for your patience while work gets in the way.