"Perry's In" For Presidential Run

So, it looks like Rick Perry will run for president in 2012:
The Texas governor and his top advisers are feeling out early-state Republican activists on the phone. He met for lunch in Austin Tuesday with former Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf. Next week, he’ll join a group of top national Republican donors for dinner in the state capital, POLITICO has learned.

GOP governors and members of Congress, in not-for-attribution comments, and leading strategists like Karl Rove all say the same thing: Perry’s in.

So what’s the hold up?

Those close to Perry say despite the strong hints that both he and his high command are dropping in conversations with senior Republicans — hints that have left party elites in Texas and beyond convinced that Perry will enter the race — the country’s longest-serving governor has not yet made up his mind. Questions about money and infrastructure remain. Not only that, he isn’t in a rush to decide.

I wonder how he'll be greeted by the public?

A two-term governor from Texas running for the highest office in the land. Haven't I seen this movie before?