President Polling Poorly In Pennsylvania

Alliteration aside, new polling numbers show a bleak outlook for President Obama in the Keystone State:
Today’s press release from Public Policy Polling shows President Obama continuing to struggle with a 46% approval rating and 48% disapproval rating. Even in Pennsylvania, normally classified as a blue state, he’s tied with Republican front-runner Mitt Romney at 44%. For a man who once won the Keystone state by 10 points, his campaign herr [sic] may not be quite as easy this election time around.

John Kerry secured the state, as well as Al Gore in the previous two elections, so how significantly are PA voters turning away from Obama?

Some say desperation for a new face could be the issue, believing that a new person will approach the debt issue in a fresh and realistic way. But, Obama supporters argue that it’s impossible for one man to fix the problems created by years of Republican decision making.

Either way, Republicans present the most unified front with 85% disapproval, and only 10% in approval of the President. Independents are reported as on the fence, with 44/45 ratings.

Nominating Romney, who most closely contests Obama, appears to be the best move for Republicans at present. The other options, including Bachmann, Pawlenty Santorum, Cain and Palin, prove to be less competitive in PA.
Contrary to what the author at Politics PA is saying, I would not classify Pennsylvania as a "blue state". Pat Toomey -- and Rick Santorum before him -- can hardly be considered moderate Republicans. Pennsylvania routinely elects candidates from both major political parties.

After electing Philadelphia Democrat Ed Rendell governor, Pennsylvania turned around and elected Pittsburgh Republican Tom Corbett.

In 2008, Pennsylvania helped to elect Barack Obama president (by a hefty 10% margin). In 2012, Pennsylvania could just as easily turn around and vote for the Republican candidate.

In fact, I would not be surprised if that happened.