The Rise Of The Center

Sorry Solomon, I borrowed your site's name. But, it was for a good reason... the center in this country could be ready to rise up.

The Daily Beast's John Avlon gives his thoughts on partisanship, and how the media contributes to this:
Speaking of lyrical profanity, a major contributing factor to the current hyperpartisanship is the rise of partisan media, which is causing us to self-segregate into separate political realities. Friedman had dreams of how to dislodge that as well, imaging an on-air centrist truth-teller who launched into the talking points parroted by partisans, saying: “'Those two people are talking complete nonsense. This one actually thinks that we can get out of this hole without raising taxes, and this one thinks we can get out of this hole without cutting entitlements. What nonsense…That’d be pay-per-view for me. I would love that. And that’s what’s totally missing.”

Given the fact that 41 percent of Americans are now self-described independents, there is a rare opportunity for political and media innovation—an emerging market that is already a near majority.

The two parties are deeply polarized, but the American people are not. That’s why we’re witnessing a market breakdown in our politics. A rising tide of voters might describe themselves as fiscally conservative but socially liberal, but because of the disproportionate influence of special interests like the religious right and public-sector unions, the two parties cannot meet this market demand. They are polarized and paralyzed—incapable of reasoning together to solve long-term problems, absent a crisis.
My emphasis. Read the rest of the article here. Good stuff.