T-Paw Campaign Big: Michele Bachmann Has "A Little Sex Appeal"

Here we go...
"It's going to be very hard to beat Michele [Bachmann] in Iowa. Period," [Vin Weber, co-chairman of Tim Pawlenty's presidential campaign] said of both the Iowa caucuses and August's influential straw poll in Ames.

"She's got hometown appeal, she's got ideological appeal, and, I hate to say it, but she's got a little sex appeal too," he said in a phone interview.

Pawlenty and Bachmann have both staked a great deal of their political capital on the Hawkeye State, which hosts the 2012 cycle's first nominating contest at its early February caucuses.
...and now the apology:
In a statement released through Pawlenty’s campaign, Weber noted that he has been a Bachmann supporter in the past and repeatedly apologized.

“I made a mistake that was disrespectful to my friend, Congresswoman Bachmann,” Weber said. “I was not speaking on behalf of Gov. Pawlenty’s campaign, but nevertheless, it was inappropriate and I’m sorry.”
Now, of course there are those who are up-in-arms over the comment. Was it inappropriate? Sure. Anytime you deviate from issues that affect voters and wander into personal stuff, I'd argue that you are being inappropriate.

But, from Weber's perspective, my hunch is that he thought that he was paying Michele Bachmann a compliment. What 55-year-old woman doesn't like to have someone say that she's got 'sex appeal'. I'm just sayin'...

Where Weber went wrong was straying from issues. If I were running for public office, that would be my bread'n'butter. Stick to the issues and stay away from personal stuff, no matter how boring the campaign gets.

Photo: AP