When Gay Elephants Fly

In a little-covered news item, last week the RNC appointed R. Clarke Cooper to head the organization's finance committee.

What makes this appointment a big deal? Mr. Cooper is an out-of-the-closet gay man and the executive director of the Log Cabin Republicans.

As you might imagine, Evangelical conservative groups like the Family Research Council are none-too-pleased:
On Thursday, the Log Cabin Republicans announced that its executive director, R. Clarke Cooper, had been tapped to the Republican National Committee’s finance committee — an appointment that Cooper asserted in a statement would help “to advance a pro-growth, pro-free enterprise agenda, especially while working to elect and reelect pro-equality Republicans to office all across the country.”

The Family Research Council ... took issue with the RNC’s selection.

In a blog post this afternoon, the Christian conservative lobbying group denounced Cooper’s appointment — as well as his organization’s “homosexual-centered” aims — which include bringing a lawsuit against the “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy (a federal judge ruled DADT unconstitutional last September).
...and the post included a picture of dumbo with an 'alt' tag that read "elephant gay":

Yeah. Pretty stupid. And my guess is that the Walt Disney Corporation won't take too kindly to the author's use of a licensed character to support their political viewpoint.

But, the best part of this story is the response from the Log Cabin Republicans:
Dear Family Research Council,

Log Cabin Republicans don’t mind that you called us “Dumbo,” because on Election Day, we want to see elephants fly – to the White House, Congress, and in statehouses nationwide.

We’re talking about electing champions like Senator Susan Collins, Representative Richard Hanna and Representative Ileana Ros-Lehtinen in Congress, and on the state level, leaders like NY State Senators Jim Alesi, Mark Grisanti, Roy McDonald and Steve Saland.

Log Cabin Republicans look forward to supporting candidates who believe in the conservative principles of fiscal responsibility, a confident foreign policy, and individual liberty – core values that unite us as a party and as Americans.
Pure class.

Head nod: Dennis Sanders at ROTC