Michele Bachmann Is At War With America!

Okay, okay. That's probably some over-the-top hyperbole (probably?). BUT, if you look at what she says, one could make the argument that she views herself as being at war with the Internal Revenue Service -- which is a (large) part of the United States government.

Sayeth Bachmann:
We change the economy by changing the tax code. How many of you love the IRS? No! It’s time to change it. I went to work in that system because the first rule of war is ‘know your enemy.’ So I went to the inside to learn how they work because I wanted to beat them.
My emphasis.

Look, I'm no fan of the IRS -- I'd argue that most Americans are not fans either. BUT, to publicly say that you view the IRS as an 'enemy' is some very extreme rhetoric, at best.

Head nod: Greg Sargent