So, What Did I Miss?

In case you were living under a rock (like me) for the last few weeks, here is an update.

There was a Republican debate. On the teevee.

Tim Pawlenty is out. Rick Perry is in. People are still clamoring for Chris Christie to run.

Michele Bachmann won the Aimes, Iowa straw poll (and Ron Paul placed a predictable and respectable 2nd). And, it appears that Rick Perry has 'schooled' Bachmann in her own hometown:
The Texas governor let a media throng grow and dissolve before working his way across the room to sit at table after table, shake hand after hand, pose for photographs and listen politely to a windy Abraham Lincoln impersonator, paying respect to a state that expects candidates, no matter their fame, to be accessible.

But Bachmann campaigned like a celebrity. And the event highlighted the brittle, presidential-style cocoon that has become her campaign’s signature: a routine of late entries, unexplained absences, quick exits, sharp-elbowed handlers with matching lapel pins, and pre-selected questioners.

She camped out in her bus, parked on the street in front of a nearby Ramada Hotel, until it was time to take the stage. Even after a local official’s introduction, Bachmann was nowhere to be found. It was not until a second staffer assured her that the lighting had been changed and a second introduction piped over the loudspeakers that she entered the former dance hall here. By the time she made her big entrance to bright lights and blaring music, the crowd seemed puzzled.
But, political strategist Mike Murphy's tweet makes the most sense to me:


Now you are up to speed -- and so am I. Well, kind of...