Take Pictures Like A Pro With Your iPhone

Yea, you read that right. You can shoot some pretty impressive pictures and use nothing more than your iPhone and a couple of inexpensive apps. How cool would that be? Well before we get into it we're going to need to learn what HDR photography is.

What is HDR? Well HDR stands for High Dynamic Range (HDR) and the images contain a great deal more lighting information than regular images. These images are generally created by shooting the same photographic subject at a series of exposure settings, then by using computer software, combine the total range of light into one image. So in layman's terms, it takes multiple pictures with different settings and a computer program stitches them together into one seamless photo which looks beautiful. Don't believe me? Well take a look at a couple of photos from a very impressive photographer named Trey Ratcliff over at Stuck in Customs.



Christmas Tree

Now granted these were taken with extremely expensive cameras and used with fairly pricey tools, but most of us can't start off that way and only have access to our phone cameras. Well we're not going to let that stop us and we're still going to take pretty fancy pictures to show off on our Facebook (or Google + if you're fancy) and to our friends at church or whatever hobby/interest you might have.

So let's get started. First off, you'll want to get two apps that work extremely well together. Both apps are $1.99, but well worth it.

The first app is called Pro HDR and it's from the guys over at Eye Apps LLC and it's a $1.99. And we're going to have our lovely resident technical expert Emma (my five year old daughter) demonstrate how easy this is to use.

The second app is going to be a panorama application brilliantly named Autostitch from Cloud Burst Research and is also $1.99. (See, I told you it wouldn't be more than $4). You'll use Pro HDR three or four times or however many times you want and make sure each shot overlaps the previous one. (disclaimer: Definitely not for shooting pictures of the kids in motion)

Now you open Autostitch which is incredibly easy to use. You select the photos you want to use in your panoramic photo and voila! It perfectly seams each photo into each other creating a panoramic photo. Below is an example of what I created yesterday and not an example of what our resident technical expert and five year old Emma created today.

(Click to view a larger image)

This is actually four photos meshed into one and is a photo of my messy office-slash-dining room. So there you have it, taking some pretty amazing photos with nothing more than your standard iPhone.

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