Walter Reed Army Medical Center Closing It's Doors

I heard this report on NPR this morning on my way in to work. Incredible stories of recovery:
After Walter Reed, Moving On

Before his injury, Tyson Quink said, he didn't imagine he would have a long career in the Army. He wanted to have his own command, and then get out. He said he wanted to have a simple life.

"Maybe be a teacher and coach some high school football, and live with my dog and my wife, and have some kids," he said.

But even with his injury, he said, "There's a lot of options."

As the Walter Reed Army Medical Center closes, the Quinks will be moving to a separate facility in Maryland. They're among the very last of the thousands of American troops who've been treated at this hospital center for a century.

They are working to reconstruct their lives, and to follow in the footsteps of a U.S. Marine who's been at the center longer — and who stopped by to share a laugh.

The Marine also lost both legs below the knee. He wears athletic shoes on his new metal feet.

He stood, unaided. And as he talked to the Quinks, he flexed his knees and bounced in the air, three times.

It's a damn shame that the 2007 scandal is how many folks will remember Walter Reed Army Medical Hospital...

Photo: Becky Lettenberger/NPR