The Ideological Recklessness Of The GOP

I was a big fan of Rod Dreher when he was blogging at -- but have missed his voice for over a year.

Now the "crunchy conservative" is back with a new blome (blog + home) at The American Conservative. With only ten posts up (so far), I am already very pleased with his writing:
The ideological recklessness with which the GOP treated the debt ceiling issue made me fearful of what they would do if they captured the White House again. Plus, I had foolishly hoped that the loss to Obama would compel the GOP to take a hard look at its ideology in light of conservative first principles, and make some changes. Instead, they seem to have doubled down on Bushism. It’s hard for me to see what significant differences there are between Bush’s policies and those proposed by the leading GOP candidates, Romney and Perry. Sure, they may well make the usual Tea Party arguments about how Bush was a big-spending fool (and he was), but they’re not going to make any significant moves against popular programs. And they certainly aren’t going to raise taxes, not even on billionaires, who can well afford it — not even if raising taxes in a limited way is a prudential move for the stability of the economy.
Set your bookmarks kiddos. Good stuff.