President Obama Dumps EPA Intiative

Via Reuters:
President Barack Obama unexpectedly asked the Environmental Protection Agency on Friday to withdraw a plan to limit smog pollution, handing a big win to business and Republicans who have argued the initiative was a job killer in uncertain times.

Obama said the move to kill one the EPA's major initiatives to clean up the environment was part of a broader government effort to reduce regulatory burdens and uncertainty.

Reaction was swift from business groups and Republicans that the White House was making the right decision as the country's economy continued to struggle.

"Job creators scored a major victory today in the fight against Washington's red tape," said Republican Senator John Barrasso.

Obama's announcement follows the grim report on Friday that U.S. employment growth ground to a halt in August, with the unemployment rate stuck at 9.1 percent.
Republicans cheer, environmentalists jeer.

Photo: Jason Reed/Reuters