Steven Seagal (Yes, Him) Being Sued For Raiding A Guy's Home

You can't make this kind of stuff up. Seriously.
The work of Maricopa County sheriff's detectives and reality-TV crime stopper Steven Seagal have earned Maricopa County taxpayers a $25,000 notice of claim from a Phoenix man who claims humiliation, emotional distress and property damage from a high-profile raid on his property to investigate cockfighting allegations.

Seagal, his reality-TV camera crew and Sheriff Joe Arpaio's deputies raided Jesus Sanchez Llovera's Laveen home in March. Arpaio's deputies used an armored personnel carrier according to the claim, which also requests a public apology from Arpaio.

Earlier in the year, Phoenix police investigated Llovera due to what they said was his role in a kidnapping scheme related to a lost $5 million drug shipment, which led officers to break down his door in February. The Phoenix kidnapping investigation lost steam, and detectives turned the animal-cruelty aspects of the case over to sheriff's deputies, who themselves broke down Llovera's door a month later. The cockfighting case is pending.
Check please.

Head nod: TPM