Chris Christie Endorses Mitt Romney

Chalk up a BIG WIN for the Romney campaign:
The endorsement came just after 3 p.m. at the Courtyard Marriott in Hanover, New Hampshire, just hours before the presidential candidates gather at Dartmouth College for the seventh debate of the GOP nomination fight.

“Americans cannot survive another four years of Barack Obama,” said Christie. “Mitt Romney is the man we need to lead America.” Christie added that Romney represents the “best of both worlds” given his experience in the private and public sector.

For his part, Romney called Christie a “real hero”.

Back in May, Christie praised Romney for his speech defending and explaining his Massachusetts health care law. “That type of candor is what Americans expect from a serious presidential candidate today,” Christie said at the time.
...and I'd bet that you'll hear Romney play this up at the GOP debate later this evening.

Your move, Rick Perry.

Photo: Julio Cortez/AP