Questioning Praise Of Rick Perry... From Mexico

Mitt Romney's new campaign ad:

[P]erhaps most disturbing is the tone of the Romney ad itself. It is not simply an issue-oriented contrast. It uses a statement praising Perry by former Mexican President Vincente Fox as though it were an endorsement by Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. The last time I checked, Mexico was an important ally – a country that Romney, if elected president, would need to deal with daily. Fox’s words in the commercial are innocuous – simply thanking Texas and Perry for the education measure they had passed. So why is Fox’s statement supposed to be disturbing or sinister? Because Fox is a foreigner? Because he has a Mexican accent?

This is really an ad one would expect of Tancredo, not Romney. Mitt Romney is better than this. He just needs to act like it.
Head nod: Dish