What Did You Do This Weekend?

This was my weekend.

Oh, you want some back-story? Okay.

Last weekend I was cleaning the bathroom -- more specifically the bathtub. I noticed that the caulk around the bottom of the tub was looking worn, so I decided to pull it all out and throw a new bead of caulk in there.

As I was cleaning out the old caulk, I noticed some dampness behind the shower wall (surround). For all of you who do not consider yourselves "handy", water behind the tub surround = bad. Very bad.

I finished removing the old caulk and started to peel off the plastic surround and, sure enough, the drywall was moist and mushy. Not to mention smelly. Gross.

Knowing that this was going to be a work-in-progress, I called my dad and asked him to come over and take out some aggression on the walls of my bathroom.

So, after a soccer game in the morning, my pop and me spent the afternoon Saturday -- and the afternoon on Sunday -- removing the drywall from the bathroom walls. The photos above were taken on Saturday afternoon -- there is even more drywall missing now from the work we did on Sunday.

Next weekend, we'll be heading to Lowe's to get plywood, replacement drywall and a new tub surround. I'll post pictures of the great bathroom remodel of 2011 when I have them.