Bob Casey Looking Good For Re-Election

His competition are all polling far behind him. However, I thought that this web-ad from Steve Welch -- a candidate vying for the Republican nomination to fun against Casey -- was very interesting.

The ad poses as a news magazine-styled documentary. Except that the entire thing is fake. The experts, data and all-around theatrics are just that. Theatrics.

While I find it entertaining, I question the ethics of such an ad. Granted, it's a web ad run by a primary candidate who is polling at one percent for the GOP nomination.

BUT, what if mainstreamy candidates like Romney, Perry or (*cough*) Herman Cain started using this type of tactic in their political advertising?

In other Bob Casey-related news, the latest PPP Poll has Casey looking like he'll be re-elected:
Casey leads all of his potential GOP opponents by double digits, but he doesn't match his 17 point margin of victory against Rick Santorum from 2006 against any of them. The Republican candidate who comes closest is Sam Rohrer, who we also found leading on our primary poll last week. Casey has a 47-36 advantage over him. Casey's up 14 on Steve Welch at 47-33, 15 on Tim Burns at 49-34, and 16 on Tom Smith at 48-32. The key statistic in all of those match ups is that Casey gets 14-17% of the Republican vote. To put that in perspective, last year we found Joe Sestak getting only 8% of the GOP vote on our final poll before the election.

This race is likely to get closer. The Republican candidates are pretty much completely unknown right now, with name recognition levels ranging from 16 to 29%. One result of that is there are far more undecided GOP voters than Democrats. Assuming those folks come home once the party has a nominee, this could end up being a single digit race.


Casey's not totally out of the woods and his race will probably be closer than it was last time around, but on the spectrum of Republican pick up opportunities this one definitely falls into the second tier.
Nevertheless, a race on which I will be keeping an eye...