The ABC News GOP Debate In Iowa

...and then there were six.

I'm not going to give an enormous write-up regarding Saturday evening's GOP debate. I actually live-tweeted my reactions to this one starting here and moving forward to here. A total of 60 tweets, by my count.

The take-home points were minimal:

Arguably the biggest headline to come out of the debate was that Mitt Romney attempted to bet Rick Perry $10,000 over a disagreement. Perry brushed it off, but there is now a new meme (and attack ads to match) that go after Romney for being 'out of touch' with 'real' Americans. More on this issue later...

Michele Bachmann really wants people to lump Romney and Newt Gingrich together as one candidate. She hammered her new celebrity-couple styled nickname "Newt Romney" over and over and over again throughout the debate. I thought it was gimmicky and lame. She also gave some really strange shout-outs to Herman Cain...

Rick Perry remains unchanged in my book. Did he make any weird gaffes? No. But, he still looked awkward and stilted. The guy is just no good in the debate format.

Ron Paul was, well, Ron Paul. I think that this was his best performance yet, as he didn't get too weird about the Fed or imperialism. He even had a few lighter moments when he was joking with the other candidates.

Newt Gingrich performed well. He had the most awkward moment when the question of martial fidelity arose as a question from the (terrible) moderators. They went down the line of all of the candidates -- who were each given an opportunity to hammer Gingrich (without actually using his name) on issues of trust. It was basically the "If you can't make your marriage work, how can you be President?" argument. To his credit, Gingrich took it in stride and gave what I thought was a really good answer:
I think it is a real issue, I think that people have to look at the person to whom they will loan the presidency, and I think they have the right to ask every single question.

In my case, I’ve said out front openly – I’ve made mistakes at times, I’ve had to go to God for forgiveness, I’ve had to seek reconciliation. But I’m also a 68 year old grandfather, and people have to measure now whether I’m a person that they can trust.
Rick Santorum was present. Kind of.

Overall, there weren't any real winners or losers. Really, the only reason I watched this debate was because The Pajama Wife was out Christmas shopping with her mother. They didn't get home until nearly midnight, so I didn't have anything better to do.

I wonder why everyone else watched?