So, as you may have noticed, things have changed a bit around here. I felt that it was time for a more professional look for the site -- hopefully, you'll like what you are seeing.

Perhaps the two most notable (and obvious) changes are the nifty featured post area at the top of the main column, and the Twitter/Posts/Comments section in the sidebar. You are able to toggle between each of those areas without leaving the page -- and it keeps the sidebar length at a minimum.

You'll also notice that the good old baby-puke-green color has disappeared entirely.

Usability should be simpler as the main page has only snippets of each post. The navigation menu should be more friendly and intuitive (with the drop-downs), and access to social media (Twitter, Facebook) is still featured above the fold.

Bear with me as I continue to update and tweak things. For example, you'll likely notice that all of the "share this post" options have disappeared (Reddit, Digg, etc.) -- I'm working on those type of small things now.

In the meantime, please let me know if you notice anything "funky" about the new design. I've tested it across several different browsers (it looks best in FireFox or Chrome), but I'm still curious how it looks on other people's machines.