Gingrich: Ron Paul's Supporters Just Want To Legalize Drugs

No sh*t:   
During a radio interview with conservative commentator John McCaslin, the former House speaker [Newt Gingrich] said that [Ron Paul] is naive about the war on terrorism and Iran’s nuclear program. “This is a guy who basically says, if the United States were only nice, it wouldn’t have had 9/11. He doesn’t want to blame the bad guys.… He dismisses the danger of an Iranian nuclear weapon and seems to be indifferent to the idea that Israel could be wiped out. And as I said, I think the key to his volunteer base is people who want to legalize drugs.”
Yeah, not really.

Sure, one of Ron Paul's policy stances is that the so-called "War On Drugs" is a waste of taxpayer monies and a waste of time (something with which I happen to agree). BUT, I do not believe that the majority of Paul's supporters are as concerned with the legalization of marijuana as they are with the abolition of the Federal Reserve or the strengthening of our national defense from within our borders.

Newt Gingrich is merely trying to paint an unfair caricature of what Ron Paul's supporters are. Instead of impugning these people -- who, by any standard, are extremely loyal supporters -- he should be complimenting them and trying to win them over.