Herman Cain: The Liberal Media Forced Me Out

Um, what?   
Former Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain told a conference call of tea party activists on Sunday night that it was the liberal media that forced him out of the 2012 presidential race.

“I am as broken hearted as others about having to pull out,” Cain said, “but I couldn’t continue to try and run a race when you have a liberal media and others who did not want to see me succeed and to see us succeed — constantly fighting false accusations.”
My emphasis.

Really Herman? The liberal media forced you out? Not all of the allegations against you?

The media did not invent these alleged victims. These are women who have stepped forward and directly (or indirectly) have asserted that Herman Cain was inappropriate with them. People would have laughed at Anthony Weiner had he tried to use Cain's line-of-argument.

The "liberal" media is not at fault here. If Cain is innocent (and that is a very big 'if'), it is the accusers who are to blame, not the media coverage of the affair.

Photo: Pablo Martinez Monsivais/AP