House GOP Shuts Down Payroll Tax Extension

The House voted Tuesday to disagree with the Senate-passed payroll tax bill, and to call for a House-Senate conference to sort out differences between the bills.

The move is intended to put pressure on Senate Democrats to reconvene and meet with the House over the bill, even as Democrats say the Senate is done for the year.

The move also raises the likelihood that workers will see their payroll taxes rise in January when the current tax cut expires.
Well, while I (kind of) understand what the House GOP is doing, the optics in this are simply terrible. The Democratic headlines write themselves: House GOP Raises Taxes. Ugh.

Ed Morrissey makes a very salient point at his post over at HotAir:   
I have a question — do Republicans on Capitol Hill bother to talk to one another? If this package was so objectionable, why didn’t Boehner work with Mitch McConnell to force the demanded compromise in the Senate? Only ten Senators voted against this bill, which means that the overwhelming majority of the Republican caucus gave it the thumbs-up. Under those conditions, Reid’s anger is entirely legitimate. He and McConnell worked out a compromise in which Republicans got the pipeline in exchange for a short-term extension that will get Congress through the holidays, but allows the GOP to push for more in later negotiations. Bear in mind that both parties have taken the same approach on budgeting matters — as they did last year in that bout of brinksmanship.
Indeed. It's as if the House GOP hasn't been paying attention to what the Senate Republicans have been doing...