Mitt Romney Sits Down With Bill O'Reilly

Here are parts I and II of Bill O'Reilly's interview with Mitt Romney.

Overall, I thought that Mitt Romney held his own quite well when in the 'hot seat' on the O'Reilly Factor.

I was most impressed with Romney when he would not take O'Reilly's bait and stoop to a level of name-calling partisan hackery. On numerous occasions throughout the interview, O'Reilly gave Romney the opportunity to call President Obama a 'socialist'.

O'Reilly also kept pressing Romney to say that he would bomb Iran which -- again, to his credit -- Romney was very hesitant to do.

All in all, a good performance on mitt Romney's part. He needs to get out and do these types of less-safe media appearances (wherein the interviewer is not lobbing soft-balls at the candidate) more often. Someone in Romney's campaign is doing a good job, because the candidate seems to be doing just that.