New Hampshire Concord Monitor Endorses Jon Huntsman

...for the Republican nomination for President.   
There comes a time for many politicians when they gaze at their reflection and see a president. The reflection is dazzling and often beguiling enough to momentarily blind a segment of the electorate to reality. But most people with presidential ambitions learn, usually the hard way, that they were duped by a funhouse mirror that minimized their limitations and maximized their potential. Most of the contenders for the Republican presidential nomination, Michele Bachmann, Rick Perry, Rick Santorum, Ron Paul, Herman Cain, Gary Johnson and Buddy Roemer, are in that group.

New Hampshire Republicans and undeclared voters who want to field a candidate with broad appeal and the capability and credibility to have a shot at beating President Obama have three choices: putative frontrunner Mitt Romney, former House speaker Newt Gingrich, and diplomat and two-term Utah governor Jon Huntsman. The choice of Huntsman should be clear.

With Gingrich, voters would get an unpredictable, unprincipled nominee and, should he be elected, a white-knuckle four years of an imperial presidency. With Romney, they wouldn't know who they would get: the moderate Mitt who was once pro-choice, in favor of a health-care mandate, a supporter of the auto industry bailout and a believer that human activity was contributing to climate change - or the newly conservative Romney, who opposes abortion, claims the reason for climate change is unknown, opposes a health insurance mandate and claims that bailing out Detroit was a mistake.

Huntsman, a consistent but never doctrinaire conservative, would present the greatest challenge to Obama. If elected, he would provide mature, informed and steady leadership. He has a track record as governor of bringing all sides together to create an economic climate that helped his state prosper. And he has experience garnered while serving four presidents, starting with Ronald Reagan. Combine the foreign policy experience of all the other candidates in the race and Huntsman would top it. He has played the game at its highest level, serving first as ambassador to Singapore, then as a trade representative on behalf of the United States at the United Nations and, at Obama's request, as the United States' ambassador to China.
You can read the rest of the endorsement article here. I think that the Concord Monitor makes some very strong arguments for Huntsman. However, unless the rest of the Republican field implodes, I don't think that Huntsman has much of a shot.

Photo: Winslow Townson/AP