Bill Daley Stepping Down As White Chief-Of-Staff

Hope and... change:
William Daley is stepping down as White House chief of staff and budget director Jack Lew is taking over the President Obama’s team as it heads into a tough election year, senior administration officials say.

Daley gave his letter of resignation to the president in a private meeting in the Oval Office last week, recounting the administration's successes of his one year on the job and saying it was time for him to return to his hometown of Chicago.

President Obama made the news official this afternoon in a brief appearance in the state dining room of the White House, where he told reporters in somber tones that he is sorry to see Daley leave.

"There's no question I will deeply miss having Bill at my side here at the White House," Obama said. "But Chicago is only a phone call away."
Budget director Jack Lew will be Daley's replacement.